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White Hydrangea Scrunchie

White Hydrangea Scrunchie

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The White Hydrangea Print

This gorgeous print is inspired by the delightful hydrangea which we adore because of it’s  beauty and abundance adding oceans of colour and vibrancy to our surroundings. And we just love the hydrangea example of staying power and never giving up, even when the summer weather is not as warm as it might be, the hydrangea remains in bloom all summer long. This super important lesson is sent to us with love from the hydrangea. 

Gorgeous ethical and sustainable organic cotton Jimjams Hair Scrunchie.


  • 100% upcycled GOTS certified organic cotton.
  • Hand block printed in Jaipur.
  • Using AZO free dyes.
  • Giving safe and dignified employment to at risk women.

The Guillamene Print

The  Guillamene print is inspired by the beauty and magic of the sea. We are daily swimmers here at JimJams and this print is named after a favourite swimming spot. This print is for everyone who loves the sea.  The sea makes us feel wonderful as the sea water and air are so good for mind and body.  The Guillamene print shows swimmers swimming about and very importantly, chatting in the water, which is shown as green and white mottled ground to reference movement of the sea.  A few friendly gulls fly overhead to complete the scene. We are so grateful for the sea. 

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